I’m so excited that you’ve stopped by to learn more about ‘Adventures by Tammie’. I’m sure you want to know who I am, why you should book with me, and what sets me apart from all the other Disney vacation planners out there.

Who am I:

I’m Tammie, and I work as an independent contractor with The Vacationeer, a top-rated Disney vacation planning company.

To say I was born to be a Disney vacation planner would not be too far of a stretch. I mean, I was literally born near Walt Disney World. Growing up, I fell in love with the magic while visiting the parks more times than I can count! When I turned seventeen, and graduated high school, I ran away to join the Disney crew. Okay, I didn’t run away, I auditioned to be a cast member and landed a casual temporary position in Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas parade. I was totally hooked! Not too long after that, I auditioned for a permanent position and landed the job. Over the course of the next two or so years, I auditioned for every dance part I could find. Unfortunately, due to an injury, my dancing days ended.

That’s okay, because the magic continued for me when I married and had children of my own. It has been so amazing sharing the Disney experience with my own kids as often as I can. We even joined Disney Vacation Club last year!

Why you should book with me:

First, I’m passionate about travel. I’ve backpacked across Europe, toured through China, and zip-lined through tropical rain forests. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to make someone else’s travel dreams come true!

As mentioned above, I’ve witnessed the growth of the Disney company over the years. I still remember the days before the all-day park passes were invented. As a little girl I would count how many tickets I needed for a ride, rip them out of the book, and hope I had enough for the next ride. Of course, there weren’t as many rides back then since there was only one park, the Magic Kingdom. Now, Walt Disney World has grown to four major theme parks, a Disney Cruise Line (Oh, did I mention that I danced on the cruise ships, too?), and the Adventures by Disney five star tours around the world. I know Walt Disney World from the backstage happenings, to the secrets of increasing your chances to snag that infamously illusive Fastpass to the popular new attraction.

What sets me apart:

Experience. Experience. Experience.

Beyond the typical experience of working in the travel industry and my first-hand knowledge of the Disney company and how they do things, I also have experience with finding enjoyment for all guests despite their unique situations or needs. Do you know about the Disability Access Service (DAS)? I do. Not because I have read about it online, but because I’ve utilized the service with both family members and while volunteering at Give Kids the World.

As your vacation planner it would be my pleasure to help you navigate the booking process for your adventure, secure Fastpasses, make dining reservations, and build your trip of a life-time.

It doesn’t end at Walt Disney World, though. I’m happy to help you with any cruise reservations (Disney or other line), Universal Studios, Adventures by Disney tour, Walt Disney Land packages, and more!

One last thing, I almost forgot to mention that ALL Disney travel planning is FREE to you. That’s right, FREE!

Contact me now at (678) 235-5979 to book your adventure.